Evaluations is passionate about utilising the latest innovative information and technology solutions for collating property intelligence, so as to deliver client-centred service and consultation offerings.

Property Valuations
We undertake property valuations of all types, and these include mass appraisals for municipal rating purposes, portfolio valuations, mortgage valuations for financial institutions, capital gains tax and for asset registers.

Property Asset Registers
Using our  GIS and IT capabilities, we are able to compile and maintain property registers on behalf of clients, which includes valuations on a regular basis and updates of the property information. The service includes the development of data audit methodologies for cleansing data for mass valuation on behalf of municipalities and integration with billing systems.  Evaluations has extensive experience in the compilation of fixed asset registers and the valuation of the assets as well in terms of the generally accepted accounting practices.

Municipal Property Valuations
Evaluations is the leader in mass valuations for rating purposes and undertaken over 2 million property valuations in the last few years, servicing metropolitan and local municipalities.  The service is extended also to the maintenance of the supplementary valuation rolls.

Risk Analysis
Through its investment in US based Spatial Comps, Evaluations now has the capability to undertake mortgage credit risk analyses for financial institutions as well as assessing risk for other credit and loan instruments.

Information Technology
Evaluations prides itself on the latest technology, and has significant investments in valuation systems, data collection technology and mass appraisal products.  It also focuses on GIS technology and leverages the products from sister companies Data World and Xcallibre.